Penthouse 01 Entry


An open, free-flowing second home atop Austin

This home atop the Four Seasons Residence tower in downtown Austin allows a 360-degree panorama of the city from just about every room. The views were the easy part – our challenge came in re-organizing this residence around the existing condominium infrastructure. We erased the hotel-like corridors that connected the four units, combining them to create one incredible, free-flowing penthouse.

The residence was organized in a hierarchy of formal to informal spaces. A refined palette of materials was selected to highlight this goal. Fumed Eucalyptus panels, painted raised paneled walls with bronze detailing, and horizontal white oak surfaces were used throughout. Volumes were created to house and conceal much of the necessary infrastructure and served to define the spaces.

Turning obstacles into assets is what made this collaborative process a success.

Downtown Austin, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Pam Chandler AIA, Laura Robinson
Escobedo Group
Fern Santini - ABODE
Nick Johnson
Penthouse 02 Entry
Penthouse 03 Bar
Penthouse 05 Living
Penthouse 04 Dining
Penthouse 07 Lounge
Penthouse 08 Kitchen
Penthouse 06 Living
Penthouse 09 Kitchen
Penthouse 10 Cradenza
Penthouse 11 Living
Penthouse 12 Office
Penthouse 14 Dining
Penthouse 13 Living
Penthouse 15 Hall
Penthouse 16 Bedroom
Penthouse 17 Bath
Penthouse 18 Bath
Penthouse 19 Balcony