Hillside 01 Front

Hillside Traditional

Defined by timeless design, gracious yet understated

Designed and built on a two-and-a-half-acre site in West Austin, this home was positioned along the width of the property to take full advantage of its extensive downtown views, as well as to minimize the complexity of the foundation.

Inspired by our clients’ desire for a home defined by timeless design, we created a residence that is gracious yet understated. Attention was paid to the scale and massing of its 8,500 square feet. From the street, a single-story volume speaks softly--low, intimate, and comfortable within the landscape. An arched stone portal of hand-chiseled limestone defines the entry with a warm, human scale. Beyond - the quiet, classic design continues.

Natural light fills the sophisticated, yet subdued interiors, and illuminates a neutral material palette. The character of each material is celebrated through simple, elegant detailing.

Austin, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA , Pam Chandler AIA
Dalgleish Construction Company
Fern Santini - ABODE
Curt Arnette – Sitio Design
Smith Engineering
Nick Johnson
2008 AIA Austin Homes Tour - Party House
Hillside 02 Entry
Hillside 04 Living
Hillside 05 Hall
Hillside 06 Living
Hillside 07 Kitchen
Hillside 08 Dining
Hillside 09 Hall
Hillside 10 Seating
Hillside 11 Vanity
Hillside 12 Tub
Hillside 13 Stair
Hillside 14 Porch
Hillside 15 Gate
Hillside 16 Shop
Hillside 17 Exterior