Hillmont 02 Living Kitchen

Hillmont ADU

Delights in living small in Central Austin

A tightly composed Auxiliary Dwelling Unit elegantly expresses the delights of living small – while helping to expand density options within a verdant neighborhood.

The site, constrained by strict municipal guidelines and an existing rental home, presented a multitude of challenges. The response is a spirited design that creatively combines efficiency and sophistication within 850 square feet. Full-height glazed walls open the downstairs interior with profuse natural light to showcase an exquisitely crafted poured-in-place concrete wall running the length of the house, extending beyond the enclosure to screen a spacious patio. The second floor provides a respite of two bedrooms and a shared bath. Full site development, from curb to back fence, complements the ideal of a relaxed indoor/outdoor lifestyle amidst the emergent density of central Austin.

South Austin, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Jonathan Davies
Red Bud Construction
FAB Architecture
FAB Architecture
Green Earth Engineering
Andrea Calo
2017 Texas Society of Architecture Design Award
2016 AIA Austin Design Award
2015 AIA Austin Homes Tour
Hillmont 01 Exterior
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Hillmont 03 Living
Hillmont 04 Bedroom
Hillmont 05 Daybed
Hillmont 06 Kitchen
Hillmont 08 Exterior