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Understated West Austin

A simple backdrop for a client’s lifestyle

Downsizing, for a long-time Austin couple, proved to be difficult. This 90’s era ‘builder’ home had the spaces they needed but lacked storage or the richness of materiality they desired. Our goal was to bring a sense of ease to the home by integrating storage solutions and applying an understated palette of materials and details.

The kitchen was completely transformed, opening it up to the main dining space while maintaining its connection to the breakfast room. The kitchen features an ‘open’ pantry that is hidden from view, yet convenient to use. A wall of concealed cabinets line the dining room, providing much needed space for storing family heirlooms.

Other rooms were effected with equally simple insertions – in the family room, custom designed shelves were made, in the living room the fireplace is rendered in a 3-coat steel troweled plaster, the entry doors were replaced with steel doors with pixelated stained-glass panes. The sum of these parts provides a simple back drop for our client’s classic collection of furnishings.

West Austin, Texas
Pam Chandler AIA, Laura Robinson
J Pinnelli Company
FAB Architecture
Nick Johnson
Pleasant Run 01 Exterior Entry
Pleasant Run 02 Stair
Pleasant Run 05 Patio
Pleasant Run 06 Kitchen
Pleasant Run 07 Kitchen
Pleasant Run 08 Dining
Pleasant Run 09 Kitchen
Pleasant Run 10 Pantry
Pleasant Run 11 Stair
Pleasant Run 12 Study
Pleasant Run 13 Bath
Pleasant Run 14 Stair
Pleasant Run 15 Stair
Pleasant Run 16 Bedroom
Pleasant Run 17 Bath
Pleasant Run 18 Bedroom
Pleasant Run 19 Front Exterior