Hanna 08 Back Porch

Tarrytown Bungalow

Whimsy to an otherwise demure home

This small cottage for a young family was in sore need of a refreshing touch. In addition, better storage solutions were desired for functional family life. All was successfully achieved while enhancing the original style of the house.

Walls were removed to open the newly organized kitchen to the dining and living spaces. A poorly conceived previous addition was integrated into the original architecture by adding a covered porch that served to form a more cohesive gabled end. The finishes of the entire house were updated with a classic material and color palette of greys and whites. The painted wood floors of chartreuse add whimsy to the otherwise demure interior.

In the same spirit as the architectural improvements, the interior furnishings are defined by their muted palette of grays and whites. The goal in the selection of the furnishings was to create a stylish ‘put-together’ interior while at the same time being family friendly.

West Austin, Texas
Pam Chandler AIA, Laura Robinson
Texas Construction Company
FAB Architecture
FAB Architecture
Coles Harrison
Hanna 01 Back Porch
Hanna 02 Living Room
Hanna 03 Dining Room
Hanna 04 Kitchen
Hanna 05 Master
Hanna 06 Master Bath
Hanna 07 Bath