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This iconic - century old - Highland Park residence was in major need of attention when the new owners acquired it in 2018. Over the next 3 1/2 years our team worked to transform it to resemble its original glory. While doubling the size of the home, the original street appeal was maintained.

Enhancing the positive attributes was key to this contextual renovation/addition. Details were studied and harvested to inform the new expressions for this home. Original textured brick, multi-dimensional slate roofs, as well as decorative clay chimney caps and custom metal work were sourced to emulate the historical references of the home.

The formal entry was elongated to accommodate access to the new addition, while key rooms of the original home were given reverence and maintained as close to their earlier incarnation. The double height library space was created to link between the old and new.

New programmatic requirements were accommodated around a freshly conceived central courtyard. A wing housing the family's day-to-day living spaces, as well as a double height porch flank the west side, while the pool/ guest house encloses the east side. A loggia with outdoor living connects both structures.

While respecting the historic ques of the existing house, we were able to infuse this re-imagined home with modern systems and sensibilities to allow this home to celebrate the next 100 years as the grand home of Beverly Drive.

Highland Park - Dallas, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Pam Chandler AIA, Michael Varhalla AIA, Michael Norris
General Contractor
Snelling Homes
Interior Designer
Deborah Walker + Associates | Owner
Robert Bellamy Design
Doug Winters
Andrew Velez/FAB Architecture
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