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Modern Villa

A pseudo Tuscan home transformed into a sophisticated modern villa

This 1998 “custom” built residence suffered from a builder’s sensibilities.

Our goal was to bring a sense of authenticity to the project by erasing the cliché elements of the original house and replacing them with a material palette that strives to surpass the trends of the day. Key changes were made to the plan to simplify the organization and anchor the spaces.

Strategic architectural interventions were made - a new entry courtyard created, the front façade reconfigured, new steel framed windows and doors fabricated, a modern fireplace inserted, light wells in the kitchen and master bath carved, and glass canopy and railings detailed.

In our selection of furnishings and lighting, as well as the design of bespoke pieces, we looked to bring a complexity found over a lifetime of collecting – granting the occupants license to continue the “collection”. A pseudo Tuscan home transformed into a sophisticated modern villa.

West Austin, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Pam Chandler AIA
Risinger Homes
FAB Architecture
Curt Arnette – Sitio Design
Structures Engineering
Casey Dunn, Ryan Ford, Patrick Wong
2012 AIA Austin Homes Tour
Modern Villa 03 Dining
Kitchen2 1
Modern Villa 04 Kitchen
Modern Villa 08 Bath
Modern Villa 07 Bedroom
Modern Villa 09 Patio
Modern Villa 11 Stairs
Modern Villa 12 Porch Detail