Collectors Loft 01

Collectors Loft

Sublime environment for art and living

Designed for a client who is an art patron, collector and artist, this residence occupies the top two floors of an early 20th century, six story, candy factory in downtown San Antonio. Living, home office, entertainment areas, private galleries, and studio, are rendered in a gallery-like palette. Strategic architectural interventions were made to the building shell to bring in diffused light from skylights and create new outdoor terraces.

The richness of the existing structure serves as counterpoint to the minimalism of the new interior. Plaster and gypsum walls, high gloss epoxy floors, lacquered cabinets with Corian and terrazzo counters, and steel frame windows - all rendered in white - create a sublime environment for art and living.

The roof-scape, animated by the addition of skylights, stairwells, and the central gallery volume, is clad in Corten steel panels and Ipe decking – referencing the aged rooftops of the adjacent buildings.

San Antonio, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Jonathan Kirk, Carla Lanas, in collaboration with Poteet Architects in San Antonio
Metropolitan Contracting Company
FAB Architecture / Courtney Walker
Paul Bardagjy, Colleen Duffey
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