Bouldin Cottage

Resourceful solutions for a growing family with a limited budget

A quaint 1940’s post war cottage was expanded from 980 to 2000 square feet; adding a living room, master bedroom and bath, laundry room, and expanding the existing kitchen. To maintain as much of the original home as possible, our approach was to add a two-story pavilion at the rear of the house tucked in among the existing trees.

Resourceful design solutions made the most of valuable materials for a growing family with a limited budget. The concrete slab of the new addition became the finish floor, and the second floor’s pine framing was exposed to obtain a wood ceiling in the new living room below. In lieu of expensive cabinetry, framing and drywall were manipulated to create ledges and niches allowing simple spaces to expand and contract, as well as bleed from one to another.

South Austin, Texas
Patrick Ousey AIA, Pam Chandler AIA
Charles Murdock / Larry Anderson Construction
FAB Architecture
FAB Architecture
Structures Engineering
Andrea Calo
Daniel 02 Living
Daniel 03 Dining
Daniel 04 Hall
Daniel 06 Living
Daniel 05 Living
Daniel 07 Stair
Daniel 08 Chair Master Pass
Daniel 09 Master Bed
Daniel 10 Bath
Daniel 11 Dog Trot
Daniel 12 Bath
Daniel 13 Exterior