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For A Better Architecture



TRIBEZA - The Architecture Issue - October 2013
“Partners by Design”  by Leigh Patterson

Modern Luxury Interiors - Summer 2012
“Airy Tale”  by Helen Thompson

HGTV Magazine - September 2012
“MISSION MAKEOVER: Yes, That’s The Same House”  by Jennifer Berno

Urban HOME • Austin-San Antonio - August | September 2012
“Fun, Functional, Family-Friendly: Trasforming a Tired Home into a Tarrytown Treasure” by Mauri Elbel

Modern Decoration - China - January 2012
“Collector’s Loft” by May Xia

Laras - Indonesia - January 2012
“Collector’s Loft” by Ima Purbasari

Austin Monthly HOME - Spring 2011
“At Home With” Patrick Ousey and Pam Chandler by Lyssa Myska Allen

Revista Ambientes - Chile - April 2011
“Collector’s Loft: Reveal the Light” by Alaisk Murasaki

Kuca Stil - Serbia - July | August 2011
“Loft on the Roof of the Factory” by Jelena Kalicanin

Rem Diseno - Spain - September | December 2011
“Collector’s Loft” by Nandini Bellido

BravaCasal - Bulgaria - October 2011
“Candy Factory” by Teodora Nikolava

Home Journal - China - November 2011
“Candy Factory” by Rosie Gogan-Keogh

Interni Magazine - Russia - November 2011
“Dream Factory” by Ekaterina Peganova

Casa International - China - November 2011
“Robison Loft” by Chen Yuanzheng

Design 100 The Last Word on Modern Interiors
by Michael Lassell New York: Fillpacchi Publishing 2010

Austin Monthly HOME - Fall 2010
“The Big Bang Theory” by Dana Frank

Austin Monthly HOME - Spring 2010
“Space for Two”

Metropolitan Home - November 2009
“Dixie Chic” by Helen Thompson

Glamour  Making It Modern
by Michael Lassell New York: Fillpacchi Publishing 2009

Metropolitan Home - October 2006
“Paradise Loft” by Helen Thompson

The Modern Townhouse
by James Grayson Trulove:  Collins Design 2006

Better Homes and Gardens - Oct|Nov 2006
“Simple + Addition” by Fred Albert

Luxe - Winter 2006
“Lofty Expectaions” by Amy E Lemens

25 Apartments and Lofts under 2500 Square Feet
by James Grayson Trulove:  Collins Design 2006

Residential Architect - August 2006
“Texas Two-Step”  by Shelly Hutchins

Trends - 2006
“Transparent Past” by Charles Moxham

Houses Under 3000 Sq. Feet
by James Grayson Trulove:  Collins Design 2006

Brilliant - August 2005
“Home Is Where The Art Is” by Nan Booth Simpson

Better Homes and Gardens - April 2004
“Shedding Its Old Image” by Helen Thompson

HGTV - May 2004
“Homes Across America” episode 1011





2008 AIA Austin
Design Merit - Capps Loft

2007 AIA San Antonio
Design Merit Award  - Collectors Loft

2007 AIA Austin
Design Honor Award - Adlucent Offices

2006 AIA Austin
Design Honor Award - Collectors Loft

2005 AIA San Antonio
Design Citation Award - Capps Loft





2012 AIA Austin Homes Tour
Modern Villa Residence

2012 Smarter Spaces Homes Tour
Lafayette Residence

2011 NARI 9th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes
Lafayette Residence

2008 AIA Austin Homes Tour - Party House
Hillside Residence

2005 AIA San Antonio Homes Tour
Capps Loft

2004 AIA Austin Homes Tour
Houghton Residence

2004 AIA San Antonio Homes Tour
Shafer Loft

2004 AIA San Antonio Homes Tour
Yndo Loft