Founded in 1996 by spouses Patrick Ousey and Pam Chandler, FAB Architecture LLC has established itself as one of Austin’s leading design firms.  The office is committed to spirited design, integrity in construction, and efficient project management.

Ousey and Chandler honed their talents in some of Los Angeles’ and Austin’s finest design offices.  Together and individually, they have designed and managed a full spectrum of project types, including master planning, multi-family and affordable housing, office buildings, and recreational facilities.  Since returning to Texas, their work has concentrated on carefully designed custom residences, sophisticated restaurants, and gracious residential and commercial interiors.

The first designs by FAB Architecture were small-scale residential projects.  Through the process of working with clients whose vision of a better living environment outpaced limited budgets, Ousey and Chandler developed a keen sense of what it means for design to respond to the needs of a client and the opportunities of a site within these constraints.  The office communicates with owners and construction professionals in order to manage expectations, sustainability issues, cost, and schedule, while maintaining the aesthetic concerns of a project.

Today, the office enjoys the privilege of being an award winning design firm – receiving recognition from Texas Society of Architects and both the Austin and San Antonio chapters of the American Institute of Architects.  In addition, many of their projects have been featured in local and national publications.  FAB Architecture remains a small, design-focused firm where registered architects, Ousey and Chandler, lead a team toward a common goal of producing quality design.



Patrick Ousey, AIA

Pam Chandler, AIA

Patrick Ousey grew up in San Antonio and began his architectural career as an intern in the Santa Monica office of Charles Moore.  His time at Moore Ruble Yudell gave him firsthand experience of Moore’s collaborative approach to design on such projects as the innovative Church of the Nativity.  As a project team member, he observed Moore’s workshops with the congregation where the initial designs were created.  Patrick also participated in the design and documentation of Moore’s San Antonio Art Institute on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.

After graduation from the University of Texas School of Architecture in Austin, Patrick returned to Los Angeles where he met and began working with his mentor Josh Schweitzer at Schweitzer Kellen and then at Schweitzer BIM.  With Schweitzer, Ousey gained experience in a broad range of projects from historic renovations of commercial and residential buildings to master planning of a hotel-amusement park in Japan.  As project manager, Ousey oversaw the restoration of a 1926 dilapidated mixed-use building on La Brea Boulevard, first built to house Charlie Chaplin’s Hollywood offices, into the renowned Campanile restaurant.  Ousey designed and managed the transformation of a 10,000 square foot retail building on Hollywood Boulevard into the headquarters for Johns + Gorman Films and a complete restoration of Lloyd Wright’s 1926 Samuels Novarro house for actress Diane Keaton.  In addition, Ousey developed many of the designs for the furnishings for these projects.

In 1993, Ousey returned home to Texas with wife Pam Chandler.  Relocating to Austin, he joined the office of Dick Clark Architecture, where he was lead designer of several of the firm’s restaurants and residential projects.  As a Project Manager, he oversaw the design and construction of an existing paint store on West 6th Street into the Star Bar, one of Austin’s most popular nightspots.  He also conceived and developed the Pop-inspired interiors for two HangTown Restaurants.  In addition Ousey managed the design and construction of several of the firm’s premiere residential projects in the hills of west Austin and on Lake Travis. 

In the Fall of 1996, Ousey and Chandler formed FAB Architecture LLC.


Pam Chandler grew up in Houston, and began her architectural career in 1986 as an intern in the Los Angeles office of Jim Stafford, cofounder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SciArc). While at Stafford’s office, she developed an eye for detailing and materials while working closely with Stafford on the renovation of his own residence. 

Chandler graduated from the University of Texas School of Architecture at Austin in 1987 where the Faculty selected her for the Leon Whiteson Award.  She returned to Los Angeles and Jim Stafford & Partners where she worked on the design and development of an office building in downtown Los Angeles.

In 1988, she joined the Santa Monica office of William Adams Architects where she worked on a range of residential projects.  She served as Project Architect for the Second Street Condominiums in Santa Monica, featured on the cover of the January 1993 ARCHITECTURE magazine.  Chandler was Project Architect for the Garcia Apartments, a 30-unit affordable housing project for the City of Santa Monica.  Chandler also worked on the restoration and addition to the home of architectural historian Esther McCoy by Rudolph Schindler.

Returning with Ousey to Texas in 1993, Chandler joined the office of Paul Lamb, one of Austin’s finest residential architects.  There she oversaw the construction of several elaborate homes in the Austin area, serving as Project Manager on the Gottesman residence, then as Project Architect for the design and development of a contemporary home for the Bommorito Crouch family at the Island below Mt. Bonnell on Lake Austin.  Later, Chandler was Project Architect of the Nowlin Residence, a Mayan-inspired home in the hills of west Austin overlooking Lake Travis.

In the Fall of 1998, Chandler joined Ousey full time at FAB Architecture LLC.